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About This Document

This is a user guide for the Pop Up Mkt application. This guide will give instructions for use and some troubleshooting tips. The screenshots displayed in this document reflect the Apple iOS Phone app and the while the functionality is the same the Andriod and the online Website, screens may appear a little different.

Any questions or issues can be reported to support@popupmkt.com

Purpose of Application

The Pop Up Mkt app connects local buyers with local vendors to make in person shopping easy and convenient. The application provides buyers a way to find the best locally sourced produce, food, and crafts by discovering and following your local farmer's market vendors, artisans, and food trucks.

Vendors on Pop Up Mkt get a quick and simple way to advertise their goods, location, and hours to connect with their customers in real time.

Buyers using Pop Up Mkt get an easy way to find, follow and get the unique real time notifications about their favorite vendors and goods in their area.

Download The App

The Pop Up Mkt app is available on iOS through the Apple Store, Android through the Playstore, or on the web at www.popupmkt.com

Download the app on your mobile device for the most up to date features.

Application Icon

The Pop Up Mkt icon appears with the trademarked logo on your mobile device:

Pop Up Mkt App Icon

Try It

The Pop Up Mkt app has a "Try It" feature that allows users to explore features without registration. It option appears on the Login screen as a button. Simply click the button to enter Pop Up Mkt in Try It mode. No registration is required, and limited features will be available.

Try It Button

Pop Up Mkt opens to the map when in Try It or a Buyer account, but the map is available on all account types. The app uses the mobile devices GPS location to display the location of the user, and identify and display any open markets using the Pop Up Mkt flag within the area of the user.

Menu in Try It

The bottom of the application displays the app menu options.

Application Main Menu (Try It)


Map Icon

The Pop Up Mkt yellow flag in the map indicates an open market. The Map is available in Try It, as a Buyer, or as a Vendor and will be live for all 3 account types.

Map Description
Click on the Pop Up Mkt flag and view the Vendors Detail.
Pop Up Mkt is also linked to the USDA Farmers Market listed from the site as blue location icons.
Troubleshooting Tips: If the map opens in the center of the United States, then Pop Up Mkt has not been allowed to use device's current location and the user will have to manually scroll to their location.

Vendor Detail

Vendor Detail Icon

The vendor detail screen will display the vendor's information from the map but will also display from Favorites.

Vendor Detail Description
Vendor Logo and Business Name as set up in the Vendor Profile.
Vendor Business Description set up in the Vendor Profile.
This displays the Vendors User Name, setup in the Registration process.
Vendor Message of the Day as setup in the Vendor Pop Up menu when opening the vendor market for the day.
Vendor market Open hours for the day as setup in the Vendor Pop Up menu.
Vendor "Goods I'm Selling Today" as setup in the Vendor Pop Up menu.
Vendor (up to 6) pictures set up in the Vendor Profile.
Vendor Social Media and website links set up in the Vendor Profile.
Eeasily Favorite the Vendors by clicking the heart icon.
Get Directions to the Vendors location using Google maps.
Easily send Message to the Vendor by clicking the talk icon.

Map Filter

Map Filter Icon

The Map Filter will allow the map to be filtered to display vendors in a specific criterion. This menu only appears when the map is selected on the menu.

Future Feature coming soon: Jump To filter to allow user to jump to a new location on the map

Map Filter Description
Radius allows the user to set the distance to show open markets on the map from their location. Drag the bar to the left/right. Location must be allowed to be used by Pop Up Mkt on the device.
Toggle Goods on to see Only vendors open that offer goods or services chosen in the BUyers User Profile.
Toggle Opened vendors to see Only Vendors Open as Closed vendors will show on the map as gray flags after closing during the same day.
Toggle Favorite on the see Only vendors open that are marked as a Favorite by the Buyer in the Favorites Menu.
Click Clear to clear all the Filters.
Click Filter after making the selection.


Messages Icon

In Try It mode the Messages screen will display example texts of messages and reply's between a buyer and a vendor to indicate how the feature works. Messages can be used as a Vendor or Buyer and offers an easy way for communications.

Messages Description
Click More (...) for Context Menu.
Click Message to open Conversation with Vendor.
Messages Context Menu
Context Menu allows user to Save or Delete messages immediately. Messages are deleted after 90 days if not saved.
Messages Conversation
Back button returns you to Messages screen.
Message Conversation allows to Reply to the Vendor.
Messages Reply
Back button returns you to Messages screen.
Send (Play) button sends the message and "Message sent!" splash is received when sent is confirmed.
Messages Sent Splash
Message sent splash.
Messages Notification
If notifications are allowed on the device, Pop Up Mkt will notify the user when a new message has arrived.
Messages Badge
A message indicator (badge) appears when a new message has arrived and hasn't been read yet.


Favorites Icon

In Try It mode the Favorites screen will display examples of vendors a buyer has selected as a "Favorite" and the ability to see vendor details and example messages. Favorites is only seen in the Buyers experience.

Favorites Screen
Search for a Vendor name, Goods or Service, or Key word to find a list of vendors to choose from.
Select the Heart to choose the vendor as a Favorite.
Easily Message Favorite vendors from talk icon.
Three dost will open Vendor Detail.
Vendor Detail Screen
Vendor Detail.


Settings Icon

In Try It mode the Settings screen displays a "Create Profile" option for easy registration and allow logout.

Settings Screen
Logout to return to Pop Up Mkt Login Screen.

Pop Up Mkt Registration

A user can register from multiple locations for Pop Up Mkt.

  1. Mobile Device on the application Login screen > Sign Up (Recommended)
  2. Mobile Device on the application Login screen > Try It > Settings > Create Profile
  3. The web site at www.popupmkt.com Login tab > Sign Up

The User Experience

To register, the user will need to determine if they will set up a buyers account or a vendors account. Note that a buyers account can be set up initially and a vendors account can be added later if needed.

The Pop Up Mkt app offers two different user profiles. A buyer and a vendor.

Buyer Experience

  • The unique experience of getting real time notifications on your phone for your favorite vendors and/or type of goods you are looking for in a pre-defined area and time you set!
  • Easily view a list of local Farmers, Artisans, Food trucks, and Farmers Markets in your area on a convenient interactive map.
  • Get directions to a vendor's location.
  • Quickly access vendor information, type of goods, and links back to their websites and social media pages.
  • Easily instant message directly with a vendor for questions or other communication.

Vendor Experience

  • Farmers, Artisans, and Food Truck Operators can bring in new local buyers by showcasing your information with the types of goods and services you are selling in your profile.
  • Have your buyers "favorite" you so they can follow you and get a real time notification when you are near them and keep count of how many followers you have!
  • Provide customers fast links back to your website and social media pages.
  • Easily update your location and hours of operation on the convenient interactive map daily.
  • New buyers in your area can discover you by seeing you on the map or getting notified of a vendor with a good or service they are looking for.
  • Easily Instant message with your customers at your convenience.
  • Vendors will have buyers accounts as well and switch between the two in one easy click of a button.

Application Registration

If registration is occurring from either the "Sign Up" option or from the Try It >Settings> Create Account option, it will follow the same instructions.

Home Screen - Sign Up
Click SIGN UP to go directly to registration.

Registration Information

Sign Up User Setup Screen
First Name and Last Name must be more than 1 letter.
User Name must be unique within the App and will be used as display name to the public as a Buyer account.
Email must be unique within the App and will be used as the login for the account.
Checking the box validates the user is at least 18 years old to ensure proper oversite since location and messaging are available.
Password must be at least 8 characters, 1 number, 1 alphanumeric character, 1 special character for security.
User must agree to Terms and Conditions which can be reviewed by clicking the link or going to the website.

If the Email or User Name is not unique an error message will displayed like this:

Sign Up - Error

User Profile Setup

The user will set up the User profile in the next step. This step can be skipped by selecting "Submit" and done within the application later if preferred.

Select Image

The Select Image button allow the user to select an image from the devices photo gallery to be displayed as the user profile. This image can be changed at anytime from the application.

User must allow access to the photos on the device.

The photo must be a jpeg, jpg, png, and a maximum of 10 megabytes in size.

Sign Up User Image Setup Screen
The image selected will be displayed as the User Profile for either a Buyer or a Vendor Account.
Troubleshooting Tips: If a photo is not selecting it most likely does not meet the criteria and is too large for the application, try another photo.

Setup Goods

The Setup Goods button allows the user to select the goods they are interested in as a buyer. These can be changed at any time from the application.

Sign Up User Goods Setup Screen
Clicking the goods or service will highlight them from white to blue indicating they have been chosen and will show on the Goods List in the User Profile.
Clicking Close will return to the previous screen.

Email Verification

The email verification registration step takes place after the user profile setup screen. The email entered in the initial registration setup will receive an email with a 6-digit code to be used during this step. The email also contains a link that can be used instead of the 6-digit validation incase the user cannot complete registration at this time.

Sign Up Verify User Screen
Enter the 6 digit code from email you will receive.
Sign Up Verify User Email
If the app is closed without entering 6 digit code or the user must complete registration at another time. Click link in the email to proceed with verification.
Troubleshooting Tips: If the email is not received, the should check the junk/spam folder for support@popupmkt.com emails and be sure to set a preference to allow them in the future. If the user still does not see the email, there may have been a typo when originally entering the email in registration. Please feel free to submit a ticket to support@popupmkt.com to get feedback or attempt to register again. If an error is not displayed that the email is already registered, then it was not setup properly in the first registration and the user should proceed with registration.

Buyer or Vendor Selection

Once verified the next step in the registration process is to "Continue as a Buyer" or "Create A Vendor Account".

Sign Up Vendor/Buyer Screen
Create Vendor Account redirects the user through the Create a Vendor Account process and setting up the Vendor Profile.
Continue as Buyer logs the user into the app to begin their Pop Up Mkt experience as a Buyer.

Creating a Vendor Account

Once selecting the "Create Vendor Account" the user is redirected to the Pop Up Mkt web page.

The user may be asked to allow the application to use the devices' current location and accept the cookies.

  • All policies can be found on our site at www.popupmkt.com.
  • Allow Current Location
Sign Up Location Permission
Troubleshooting Tips: The Pop Up Mkt app uses the devices GPS to identify the location of a buyer and vendors in the area as well as use it for notification settings. If location is not allowed, not all features of Pop Up Mkt will work. If the setting is missed when asked see this article for setting it on Apple devices, and this article for setting on Google devices. If more support is needed email support@popupmkt.com.

The user will then select which subscription they would like as a Vendor by chosen the proper radio button and selecting the Subscribe button.

Sign Up Vendor Account Site
BEST DEAL! $9.99 VIP Discount. Renewed Yearly after 60 Day Free Trial.
$3.99 Renewed Monthly after 60 Day Free Trial.

Stripe Process

Once the subscription has been chosen, the user is redirected the secure Stripe side for payment.

Apple Pay or Credit Card payment can be set up, but the user will not be charged until after the 60 days free trial.

Sign Up Stripe Payment
Apple Pay option is available for convenience.
This email does not have to be the email registered with Pop Up Mkt but links directly with your invoicing and credit card information, it is recommended that you use the same email for easier communication.
A credit card or Apple Pay is required but it is NOT charged until the 60 days trial is completed. The start date will be at the bottom of the screen where the "Start trial" button is as shown on the next screenshot.

Once user fills in the credit card information they will select "Start trial" and Stripe will provide information as to when the charge will begin.

Note: The trial can be cancelled at any time prior to the 60 days trial being completed and no charge will taking place.

Sign Up Start Trial
Start trial redirects to the Pop Up Mkt web page with instructions to either continue with the app or go to website.
Sign Up Redirect
Website instructions.

After selecting "Start trial" the user will be redirected to the Pop Up Mkt web page and will be directed to return to the application or the website home page. For ease of use it is recommended that the user return to the application and proceed with the vendor setup.

If directly completing this registration from the application, return to the phone app and choose "CONTINUE AS VENDOR".

Sign Up Vendor Finished Screen
This will automatically log the user in and redirect the user to Settings > Vendor Profile tab so the vendor can set up the business information they want to display within the app to the public.
Troubleshooting Tips: If the application is closed prior to clicking the "CONTINUE AS VENDOR" button is clicked, just Open the application and log in with the email and password set up during Registration and follow the steps to set up the vendor profile outside the registration steps.

Vendor Profile Set Up

The Vendor Profile tab allows the user to set up all relevant business information. All information and media can be changed at any time by returning to Settings > Profile > Vendor Profile

This is unique to Vendors. Note that the User Profile tab displays the information that was set up during the initial registration and can also be changed. A Vendor will automatically have a Buyers account as well and can switch between accounts at any time to have a Buyers experience as well.

Vendor Profile Settings Screen
This image should be the business logo, profile picture, or any image representing the business. This will be displayed to the public in Vendor Details. Pop Up Mkt app must have permission in the device to access the photo gallery.
The Business Name and Social Media links will be displayed in the Vendor Details tab to the public so local buyers can identify and easily link back to the vendors sites.
The Business Description should be details about what goods or services the business provides and will be displayed to the public.
Vendor Profile Settings Screen - Part 2
Upload Image will show the devices photo gallery as long as the app has been given permission to access it. Up to 6 pictures limited to 10mb each can be selected.
Subscription Setup will take the user back to Stripe set up to update credit card information or cancel their subscription at any time.

Note: Either Save button saves the entire screen, two are provided to reduce scrolling when there are multiple media added.

Setting Up Vendor Profile Outside Registration Process

If the subscription set up is completed later or the phone app has been closed simply open it again and continue to log in with the credentials set up during the initial registration process and go to

1. Settings > 2. Profile > 3. Vendor Profile and set up Vendor information.

Logging Into The Pop Up Mkt App

To log into the Pop Up Mkt app once it is downloaded on the device, click on the Pop Up Mkt icon. The Pop Up Mkt logo will appear until connected.

Start Application Icon
Application Splash
Application Splash Screen.

Once connected the user will be prompted for Email, Password, a Remember Me option, and a Sign Up & Try It option.

Application Home
Enter Email address used during the registration process.
Enter Password used during the registration process.
The Remember Me option allows for Face ID to work at next login until the user chooses "Log Out" has within the app. Once the user logs out within the app they will have to.
LOG IN enters the Pop Up Mkt app as a normal user profile.
TRY IT allows Guest Users to access the app and use the basic functionality of the map and get vendor information.
SIGN UP allows a new user to register and Forgot Password? Allows existing users to reset forgotten passwords.

Forgot Password

If a user forgets their password they can click on the "Forgot Password?" option on the bottom of the Pop Up Mkt LOG IN screen and

Application Forgot Passoword
Enter user email address and select Send. An email will be received from support@popupmkt.com. Please follow the instructions in it.

Once clicking the link the user will receive a message "Password reset successful, please check your email for further instructions"

A second email will be received with a new temporary password and instructions to reset the password after the next login. The user can reset the password in their User Profile.

Forgot Password Email

Once logged in with temporary password, proceed to Settings> User Profile > and update Password

Logging In If Email Is Not Verified

If a user did not complete the verification steps at the time of registration and no longer has the email with the access link a new one can be generated from the Pop Up Mkt login screen.

Proceed to the login screen and enter the email address and password used during the registration process. An error message will be received "Account not validated" and an option to "Resend Email" will be available as in the below screenshot.

Application Unverified Login
Click Resend Email and a new Registration email will be send to the email address set up during registration with a verification link to allow to proceed. If the user still has the original email, they can choose OK and use proceed to that email and click the link before logging in.

Vendor Experience

The first time a Vendor logs in they will need to set up their Vendor Profile which is their business information. This is the public information the Buyers will see about the vendor. See the "Vendor Profile Setup" section to complete the vendor profile if not already completed.

Menu as a Vendor

When logged in as Vendor the menu will be displayed with the following.

Vendor Menu

When user is on the Map the Map Filter menu appears for use but disappears when on any of the other menus.

Vendor Menu - Map

Vendor Pop Up

Vendor Pop Up Icon

If logging in with a Vendor Profile the app will log directly into the Vendor Pop Up Screen.

The purpose of this screen is to control the Vendors Market. This is how the Vendor communicates for the day to the local buyers. The intent is a fast, easy way to keep it accurate. All data, except for goods, will automatically delete every night so incorrect data is never shared and locations are not stored after closing.

Vendor Flag Map Screen

This data automatically generates a yellow Pop Up Mkt flag on the Map for buyers to locate and see Vendor Detail when selected.

Pop Up Setup Screen
Followers are updated from Buyers selecting the vendor as Favorite.
When "Use My GPS location" is selected on the device's location is used on the Map, when it is off the user will have the option to enter a physical address.
Time should be updated to reflect open hours of the market. This will use the devices time zone.
"Goods I'm Selling today" allows the vendor to easily select the goods available in their market that day.
This is free flow text limited to 250 words that can be updated any time to send buyers special information or updates.

If GPS is deselected Vendor will have the option to manually enter an address

Vendor Address Setup Screen

Follower Counts

When a Buyer selects a vendor as a Favorites the vendors Followers tracker is updated, and the Vendor is celebrated the next time they log in with a confetti splash.

New Followers Splash
New Followers Splash Screen.

Goods I'm Selling Today

The Goods I'm Selling Today option opens the list of goods and services for the Vendor to list what they have available for the day. This is the same list that Buyers choose from as the list they are Interested in on their User Profile to get notification on when meeting their criteria. The goods and services are also displayed on the Vendor Details and Vendors can update them at any time.

Vendor Goods Selection
Select the good and it highlights to indicate it has been selected.


Settings as a vendor allows the user to open a Support ticket, update profiles, or switch to Buyer account.

Settings Screen (Vendor)
Opens a Support contact form to report an issue to Pop Up Mkt support.
Profile opens the User Profile and Vendor Profile settings.
Allows users to switch to the Buyer experience from the vendor so they can experience what their Buyers see or find vendors themselves.
Logout of the application. Note if “Remember Me” was selected Face ID will work if app is just close but if Logout is selected the user will have to login with email and password at next login.

User Profile

The User Profile was set up during the registration process and all information except the email address can be completed or updated at any time. The email address is the account identifier and cannot be changed through the application.

Contact support@popupmkt.com if an email address needs to be updated.

Settings Screen (User)
Vendor Profile tab allows Vendor to change all Business information set up during registration.
Image selected during the User Profile setup during registration.
All information set up during the registration process, user can update them here.

Buyer's Experience

The Buyer will be on the map at login. The first time a Buyer logs in they will need to set up their Notifications and finish the User Profile if it was skipped during Registration .

Menu as a Buyer

Buyer Menu

Note: Map Filter is only visible when on the Map.


There will a slight difference in the Settings menu depending on if the Buyer has just a Buyer account or if they have a Vendor account as well. From the Buyer only account they will have the option to "Create Vendor Profile" and from a Buyer with Vendor account they will have the option to Switch between the accounts.

Buyer with Vendor Account View

Buyer with Vendor
Buyer with Vendor View.
Opens a Support contact form to report an issue to Pop Up Mkt support.
Profile opens the User Profile and Vendor Profile settings.
Only visible when user has a Vendor Account and Switches to Buyer - Allows users to switch to the Vendor account so they can experience what their Buyers see or find vendors themselves.
Buyer without Vendor
Buyer Only View.
Only visible when user has a Buyer only account Allows users to create a Vendor account and complete the registration process.
Logout of the application. Note if "Remember Me" was selected Face ID will work if app is just close but if Logout is selected the user will have to login with email and password at next login.

User Profile

The User Profile for a Vendor or Buyer is set up exactly the same and uses the information from the Registration process. See User Profile under Vendor section for details on page.

Buyer Settings Experience
In the Buyer experience - Settings > Profile will have the User Profile tab and a Notifications tab.


Under Profile a Buyer has a Notifications tab to set notifications preferences. Notifications have to be allowed on the device.

Buyer Settings Notifications Screen
Favorite Vendors notifies the Buyer of any Vendor in their Favorites list that are open in the defined criteria when this is on.
Search Radius looks for Favorite Vendors within the selected miles between 0 and 30 (default 10). Drag the bar left or right to increase or decrease the miles.
Set the time notifications should occur if criteria are met.
Selected Goods notifies the Buyer of any Vendor in their User Profile Goods list that are open in the defined criteria when this is on.
Search Radius looks for Selected Goods within the selected miles between 0 and 30 (default 10). Drag the bar left or right to increase or decrease the miles.
Set the time notifications should occur if criteria are met.

The user's devices will get a notification when the selected criteria in the Notifications settings are met listing the Vendor that meets the criteria.

Notification Vendor


Support provides an option for the user to send a request to Pop Up Mkt admins directly from the Settings menu. It will provide the admins with device type and OS version for accurate troubleshooting.

Send Feedback Screen
Type your message and click Send.

Cancelling or Updating Vendor Subscription

To cancel a subscription, go to Settings > Profile > Vendor Profile > Subscription Setup - this will redirect to the Stripe website to Cancel or Update Subscription Billing information.

Vendor Settings Subscription
Subscription Setup will redirect to the Stripe page.
Stripe Cancellation
Cancel plan will Cancel Vendor Subscription.
New Payment Options can be added here.
Billing information can also be updated here.

Pop Up Mkt Information

The Pop Up Mkt Mission: To ignite opportunity by connecting local vendors and buyers in-person, anywhere, and anytime.

Support: support@popupmkt.com

Questions: admin@popupmkt.com