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2/9/2023 - Website - added alt tags on images, matching OpenGraph url and Canonical url

1/19/2023 - Website - update meta fields, fixes img tags and canonical; Vendor pages - can route to vendor page;

1/15/2023 - Website - logo centering, resolve links that were giving 4** errors

1/7/2023 - Website - add link to hope page when clicking image

1/5/2023 - Website - remove 404 links from manual.html page


1/19/2023 - Account - sending request to account list now responses properly as type application/json

iOS Application


Subscription setup button has beed added

Dark mode uses the same styles

Manage vendor account entered data are cached, retained when uploading an image

Android Application


Released on 13/2/2023

Multi-tap on send button now can't send multiple messages


Released on 19/1/2023

Remove lateinit to prevent crashes

- Null values handled through exceptions

- Late init variables are all null-default and null-checked

Account cancellation hotfix

Accessability visual issues update - application should be better accessible on non-phone devices


Released on 30/11/2022

Vendor fragment now also provides link

FAQ activity

- Available from settings

- Available for both - logged in and try it users

- Server-side stored, not cached

Security certificate update

Updates JSON structures for account cancellation


Released on 13/10/2022

Hotfix: Ensure link points to valid location


Released on 12/10/2022

Save button on QR link


Released on 6/10/2022

Adds links to vendor profile (auto-generate when necessary)

Creates QRViewActivity and link downloads


- Uninitialized variables in Messages view

- JSON decode handle receiving wrong JSON from server

- JSON encode handle null objects

- Refreshing account now checks for valid index

- Refreshing customer now checks for valid response (200)

- Obtaining favorites handle exceptions


Released on 3/8/2022

Vendor Pop Up refresh right after goods change

Store last known location and use it next time user starts


Released on 31/7/2022

Add update for location whenever we moved 100m away from previous location (follow user)

Default zoom set to 13.0

Farmer's markets use XML

Using Clear/Filter buttons switch back to map

Phase out ViewPager, replace with ViewPager2

- Tabs refreshed upon selection

- Tabs navigation fixed

- Tabs silde-able

- Tabs unable to let user see non-allowed tab


Released on 21/7/2022

Adds request/response structures for camera rawl

Farmer's markets now plot on map with specific icon


Released on 7/7/2022

Updates subscription button to work as intended

Updates filter view - save/restore state, feedback about error given in toast message

Codable to handle JSONObject updated

Hide keyboard upon logging in


Released on 23/6/2022

Versioning update for minor version


Released on 23/6/2022

User guide added to login view

Signing in issue resolved


Released on 16/6/2022

Adds user guide


Released on 29/5/2022

Use scrollview for LoginView and SignUp

Display 'Dev version' text when running on Dev server


Released on 18/5/2022

Location services initial implementation (GPS live location)

Notifications from buyer added

Notifications from vendor added

Notifications now use flag icon whenever fired

Mosquitto integration added

Switching buyer-vendor and vice versa allowed

User interface fixign (vendor detail view, corrected tabview and menu)

Notifications views added

Favorites implemented

Messages added, search results for messages working


Released on 5/5/2022

Initial release of Pop Up Mkt application for Android